Forevan is the largest city in the Ironlands, with 200,000 souls crammed into the delta of the Haliacmon and Maritsa Rivers. The city is divided into three sections, the West Bank, the Inner Isles, and the East Bank. The city overall is predominately Aslan, but has a mix of other races who reside primarily in the East Bank.

Points of Interest

The Grand Bazaar

A huge open-air market in the center of town that occupies the hexagonal-shaped former arena where Aslan warriors would battle. It’s filled with temporary shops set up by traveling caravans, more permanent stalls rented by vendors, and several permanent structures owned by local merchants or guilds. In the center of the Bazaar stands the Bells, a large bell tower that calls the time every hour.

During the solstices, the northern half of the Bazaar empties of its traders and traditional gladiatorial battles are held for Aslan honor and pride.

The Great Harbor

The busiest port in all the Ironlands, the Great Harbor has miles of docks and hundreds of boats that stop in and around Forevan. The city has a bustling harbor to match its Grand Bazaar, with many bodies moving freight to and from the ships. There are some less-utilized docks in the center of the harbor which are part of the Inner Isles. These hold less-reputable establishments. Additionally, the concept of "might makes right" has deprived more than one captain of their vessel when they have docked in the Inner Isles.

Marthar's Spurclaw

The Spurclaw stands right against the banks of the Halicamon, almost challenging the immorality of the Grand Bazaar. The Spurclaw is constantly abuzz with Aslan warriors drilling and marching. Excellent warriors, the Spurclaw's soldiers sally forth to patrol the West Bank or the surrounding lands and slay what monsters might endanger trade.

The Red Pride

The palace of the Forevan monarchy stands tall above the West Bank, its red walls and domes striking against the bright blue sky. Filled with lush gardens and covered walkways, nobles come and go from this ornate structure.

The Old Quarter

Narrow roads, numerous alleys, and a crush of people mark the Old Quarter. The original city of Forevan, most Aslan have since left to live on the West Bank and in the Mother District. The Old Quarter is where most non-Aslan reside. Groups of guards patrol the area occasionally to ensure the less-honorific races stay in line.

The Lucky Coin – An inn that originally started as an old sailing ship that ran aground and has since expanded into new structures built in and around it. Run by an excitable human, Streeter, who carries the inn's namesake on a cord around his neck.

Mother District

The newer half of Forevan, the Mother is where most Aslan reside, their red-tiled roofs glistening in the sun.


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