The Emerald Eye

S1E6: Lady Ainent's Cave

A Minor Miner Deity

Arriving at the cave where Lady Ainent was being held captive, Sancho and Dessel snuck up on the outer sentry, quickly catching her off-guard when she went to refill her waterskin in the hot desert sun. The cave was filled with the sound of trickling water and the stench of ozone. Sneaking around, they encountered a large group of bandits arguing over who deserved more of the money. A careful spell from Denton Fitz sent the bandits into a rage-fueled fight, whereupon the party stepped in and finished off the remaining thugs, but not before trying and failing to pass themselves off as new recruits.

Proceeding further into the cave, they came across a well-furnished room where they found a letter that read:


The money will be waiting for you at the usual spot at the Tireless Fount north of Forevan.


Venturing further, they found a large cistern behind a shaky wall where they argued whether or not to bust it down and flood the bandits' hideout. Deciding not to at the moment, the party ventured further, finding a bag of valuable gems.

Crossing the cave's river on a rickety wooden bridge, they found a room where a glistening golden statue of Onatar, the god of craftsmen and miners. A minor miner deity. However the room was filled with webs and the group decided to pass on investigating further. They then came upon a room that looked like a barracks, where Urist pinched a pillow embroidered with "Baris", the name of the thug they had killed near the kitchen.

Checking through what appeared to be an old tool storage room, the party came upon several Potions of Healing, as well as a mysterious magical cloak. Studded with polished obsidian, it gave each member a sense of distaste and discomfort as they held it. Stashing it away, the party continued further into the cave.

Discovering that several magical presence existed behind the next few doors, the group was about to investigate when a sudden bang reverberated through the cavern. A door at the end of the hall opened, and three bandits spilled out, one carrying a magical shield emblazoned with an open eye and ancient symbols. Within moments, the party had felled all three, but the source of the sudden noise revealed itself as the cavern began to fill with water.

A lightning trap was triggered as they opened another door to reveal Lady Ainent, as well as a scared and small Aslan boy, locked in manacles at the end of an old storage room. Additionally, Algernop “Gemswift” Lundindal peeked through the last door where the visage of a blue dragon wyrmling shouted to not be disturbed and turned towards the party.


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