The Emerald Eye

S1E5: Falling Paladins

The Great Chicken Caper

Having arrived in Forevan, the party bid a fond farewell to Pyrpoli. The party made their way to the Grand Bazaar where they investigated what the circle labeled "Pallak's Cave" could possibly mean. The party tracked things down to three merchants who Algernop and Urist interrogated. A tall half-elf male who sold overpriced weapons, many of Lizalfel make, and iron ore. An overweight Aslan male leatherworker who was very eager to sell his wares. And a short black-haired human female, selling cloth and other raiment, not interested in talking. After some brief haggling and back and forth, Algernop wandered off, where he found a cheerful and energetic male half-elf by the name of Ibil who sold him a wonderful smelling powder.

No closer to solving their question, the group began to leave the Bazaar when there was a loud shout from the belltower. A body smashed into the ground, clutching what turned out to be an Emerald Eye necklace, and a bloody letter that read "Brother Mahdi, Meet me at the belltower. Our quarry is within our grasp! Konane." Within moments an angelic deva, who turned out to be the aforementioned Konane rushed to try to save the paladin that fell from the belltower, but was too late.

After being accosted by the deva, the group took the necklace to their Emerald Eye contact in Forevan, Aras. Aras was waiting at The Lucky Dice, a gambling establishment run on behalf of the Eye. Aras seemed suspicious how the group obtained the necklace, but indicated she would return it to its rightful owner. As the group left The Lucky Dice, Dessel and Sancho were pickpocketed.

Algernop then made his way to the Temple of Rao, where after talking with the blustering and pompous Head Cleric Khrystiyanr, he managed to wrangle an appointment with Deva Konane. Konane took offense at the gnome's questions about the outer planes and stormed off, uninterested in such basic questions that had nothing to do with Paladin Mahdi's death.

Meanwhile the rest of the group went to the Temple of Brin, where Elder Priest Jara offered to assist them in their travels to save Lady Ainent. Providing a trove of healing potions from their collection in the basement, Jara had the group meet with Pyrpoli, a drunk boat pilot who plied the river between Forevan and Kazu. Providing him with several barrels of booze, the party made their way to Kazu.

Once in Kazu, the group wasted no time getting to the cave where Ainent was held prisoner, except for a short exchange with a drunk old man who accosted them, asking whether they were Rockhewers or Crownkneelers. Paying him no mind and getting lost in the crowd, eventually they bought 20 chickens and some carts and made their way up the crocodile-infested river to the cave where Ainent was being held.


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