The Emerald Eye

S1E1: On the Road

The five new recruits to the Emerald Eye arrived at the Topaz Trading Company in the docks district of Redrock. They were welcomed by Nisil who asked them to locate Innog Snaredotr. Innog was fleeing the Waterbane Guild and was last heard to be laying low at the Last Battle Inn, on the road to Peace. They are to bring Innog to the Old Grist Mill on the Union Road to Bluebay Hill.

Nisil gave them their first challenge by sending Redrock's town guard after the group, accusing them of killing Lord Okim. Despite the odds against them, the group worked together and slipped out the back door and into the crowd.

While resting for the night, the group was attacked close to dawn by a group of bandits. Despite the ambush, the group was able to take out three of the bandits, a half-orc, a dwarf, and a human who looked like the head of the group. The female bandit was able to get away. In the human's pockets, the gnome found a wanted poster for the Five Rings Bandits, offering 20 gold for each bandit caught and an extra 10 gold for [[Ryrandis], the leader, if the bandits were delivered to Magistrate Phelleps of Redrock.

Deciding they could offload the captured bandits at the town near the Last Battle Inn, the group set off, the three bandits in tow.


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