Character Creation

We will be playing D&D 5th edition. We will be sticking with the standard races and classes in the Players Handbook (PHB), Dungeonmasters' Guide (DMG), and Monster Manual (MM). If you would like an exemption, please ask me first to clear it.

Everyone will be a first level character, all classes and races (other than Dragonborn) are available.

Attribute scores will be determined by a deck of cards composed of two 4s, two 5s, three 6s, four 7s, and one 8. Draw and add together two cards at a time to get your six attribute scores (e.g., drawing a 6 and an 8 will give you a 14 attribute score). Keep drawing cards until the deck is empty. Do not replace cards you have drawn back into the deck.

This is a low-magic setting. High-magic users have a tendency to go mad, so magic users are rare, and both highly feared and respected simultaneously. Storytelling in this world is also highly valued, illiteracy is high.

You are recent recruits of the Emerald Eye, an independent information gathering and clearinghouse (not unlike Archer's ISIS) recently founded by an unknown individual. Group will be a traditional adventuring team but covert abilities are highly useful. Not as much of a hack and slash team, but diplomacy, in-character roleplaying, and non-combative problem-solving will be highly rewarded with XP, titles and prestige, and relevant loot. Similarly, if your character becomes known for solving things with a blade, you may find certain paths harder or easier to accomplish.

Character Creation

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