Welcome, Initiate, to the Emerald Eye. Please have a seat in the corner. The Emerald Eye takes only the best for its information gathering. We need to know everything that is going on in the Ironlands and what can impact our clients. In time you may learn more about some of our more important goals. But that's if you survive.

Campaign Introduction

The Ironlands is a region full of honor-bound warriors, intrigue-filled palaces, long-lived societies, and chaos' wake. No one nation rules its entirety or has ever come close. Several have risen but been struck down. Others are starting to come into their own. The most powerful at this time are the Ersrock Union and the Arumlen Guild, although the recent confederation of the Obsidian Alliance is causing concern for the merchants who sail the Soundless Sea.

Into this vast potential steps an information clearinghouse. Part spy guild, part elite troubleshooters, the Emerald Eye is making its services available to those who can pay. And in this age of opportunity and uncharted lands, coin is always ready to trade hands.

You have the chance to become the wealthiest denizens of the Ironlands if you play your cards right and make the right connections. The Emerald Eye will reward those who elevate its profile and bring it into even greater renown. But beware, the welcoming hand may conceal a dagger behind its back.

General Details

Character Creation

For full details on character generation and general gameplay stuff.

Cast of Characters

Wes: Algernop Lundendal

Kyle: Sancho

Greg:  Denton Fitz

Ryan: Dessel

Andrew: Urist Boathavens

The Retired

None yet.

The Honored Dead

None yet.

When We Play

Twice a month on Sunday afternoon.

Current Setting

The Ryult Prairie stretches from the city of Redrock and the Vasahl Run to the foothills of the Mystic Mountains. One of the most cosmopolitan regions of the Ironlands it attracts all kinds of characters and knowledge. This makes it the perfect place for the Emerald Eye to be headquartered.

The Emerald Eye

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